How can I help introduce you to yoga, manage your pain or find contentment?

About Private Yoga St Pete

The main advantage to a one on one private session is the exclusive focus on you.  It’s about meeting your goals at your pace.


You might need help with:

  • effectively managing pain
  • customizing your practice to manage a sudden injury or illness
  • bringing your body, breath and spirit into balance
  • finding contentment
  • establishing a home practice
  • disease coping skills

If you’ve never thought about aqua yoga it is a wonderfully accessible yet very challenging way to practice yoga.  It improves your balance, posture and body awareness in profound ways through the increased sensory input, buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure of the water.  Private sessions allow for a thorough focus on your practice needs.  Whether you would like to feedback on a specific posture, need help with a injury such as after a joint replacement, are trying to manage a chronic illness, or are just curious what aqua yoga is about, private aqua yoga fits your priorities.

Private aqua yoga sessions are available in your pool or at the St. Pete Beach Aquatic Center.

These are also a perfect companion for an event.  If you need some stress relief as part of your bridesmaid party or some mermaid fun for your group, consider an aqua yoga party.  Ask me about the creative ways aqua yoga can contribute to your next event or party.private aqua yoga

What students say about aqua yoga…

Aqua yoga is my favorite, and most pleasurable form of exercise.  If I don’t do aqua yoga between my land yoga sessions, my balance is less reliable.  – Katherine

Before aqua yoga I could no longer get on and off the floor without something to hold on to.  Now I can get up and down fine. – Pam

Strength and balance two simple words unless you don’t have them, a broken ankle and hip took them from me.  After 5 surgeries I still can’t walk normally and my left ankle has extreme pronation.  I started aqua yoga at the beginning of 2016 and in three months I have so much less pain.  You have made a beautiful difference in my life. – Barb

How we achieve this:

Call me at (727) 418-7623 to discuss your needs. We schedule sessions at a mutually agreeable time.  You can also use the online scheduler to the right.  The sessions consist of asanas (postures), pranayama (breath exercises), meditation practices and yoga philosophies that are the best match for you.  I’ll set you up with a mini lesson plan for a home practice between sessions.


private yoga st pete


“One succeeds in all Yoga through the energetic practice – even if one is young, old, very old, sick or weak.”  – Hatha Yoga Pradipika







In-home 1 on 1 sessions.  These are available on land (1 hour sessions for $60) or in the pool (45 minute sessions for $50).  There is a 10% discount for buying sessions in blocks of 5. 


Long distance digital sessions are especially helpful when you can’t find someone in your area to help you.   We can work on your mat or in your pool.  Facebook, Skype, Zoom or whatever platform is available to you are all options.  You can book those online using the scheduler to the right.  


Private yoga St Pete, Gulfport, St. Pete Beach.  North Pinellas County locations are available for an additional travel fee.





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