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My experience in 300 hr yoga teacher training

300 hr yoga teacher training


Of course, any 300 hr yoga teacher training covers the anatomy, concepts and practical elements of teaching asana.   The Yoga Etc. program used the Yogaanatomy.net as the basis for anatomy studies which we explored from there.  My favorite section dealt with feet unsurprisingly.  Each week we explored the history of, and how to teach several postures from different perspectives. On a rotating basis we taught for each other and gave each other feedback.  As a practicum, that was very valuable.  Our verbal ticks become such patterns we don’t hear them anymore, so it’s nice to get friendly suggestions and try out new styles of teaching for a supportive audience.


 300 hr yoga teacher training

Big chunks of time were devoted to yoga philosophy and it’s applications in practice.  Persistence was required as philosophy can be obtuse.

300 hr yoga teacher training


We explored a variety of meditation practices.

300 hr yoga teacher training









We practiced chanting in every session.  I’m self conscious about my ‘singing’ voice.  Chanting is not singing, but it’s close enough it makes me self conscious, especially leading chanting.  I appreciate getting to chant in a large group but it’s been a challenge for me to accept leading chanting.  I’ve been making improvements on it and for classes this month we’re chanting the Sarvesham bhavatu chant.  Badly I would say, but unfortunately for my audience, I won’t get less nervous unless I do it.


I’m really glad I did the program.  The last couple months were a struggle for me as the pace of teaching, life, and yoga school caught up with my health.  I’m very relieved I’m done.  For any yoga teacher considering a 300 hr yoga teacher training I would recommending finding one that focuses on your weaknesses as you’ll finish a more well rounded teacher.


Where I go from here:

I’d like to explore working with mudras more.  I only got to scratch the surface as there are so many variations.  Also, I’d like to experiment with adapting mudras for people with arthritis in their hands.

300 hr yoga teacher training

Neuroplasticity and it’s benefits has been coming up in my life a lot lately, both in class and in my personal life.  I’ll be experimenting with how movements that encourage neuroplasticity can be incorporated into yoga classes further.

I have a long list of meditations and blog posts I want to write up and share.

And as always, I’ll continue to evolve in my teaching style and interests.  Namaste to 2017!!!

If you’re interested in Yoga Etc.’s program, view their website.

There’s no P in our OOL

There’s no P in our OOL

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Meditating on Bees

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