I want to help you thrive despite your health challenges

I know what it's like to have pain, chronic illness, and old injuries that keep you from living the life you want to lead

I also know the power of yoga to keep your attitude strong, your body as healthy as it can be be, and your spirit content


I want to help you find yours

Why I Teach Yoga

Thanks for taking a moment to join me. In my first career, I was a farrier. That's a very physically demanding job and I'd heard from somewhere that yoga was good for your back. I thought it would help counteract the constant hunchback position of my job so I signed up with an Iyengar instructor.

Five years later, I'd developed a personal practice that carried me through another ten years of major life changes including two pregnancies and a diagnosis of Lupus (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus).

After twenty years of yoga and both my kids in school, it finally seemed like the right time to do a yoga teacher training program. In the middle of the program, my diagnosis was officially changed to Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. The only explanation I have for my relatively pain free status is my consistent yoga practice. I entered the program not knowing if I wanted to be a yoga teacher but the diagnosis solidified my desire to bring yoga to others who were struggling with health challenges.

I've gone on to receive specialized training in Aqua Yoga and Yoga for Arthritis. Please reach out to me and we will develop a plan to help you reach your yoga goals.

I love my practice guided by Christa, as she takes the time to explain the asanas and their variations to accommodate any level of practice. She had good humor and focus and varies the practice to keep it interesting. I highly recommend her. - Cheri

Christa Fairbrother, RYT-500

Lover of yoga, books and tea.

Certified Yoga for Arthritis Instructor

Aqua Kriya Yoga Certified Aqua Yoga Specialist

Program Director Yoga for Arthritis

MA, Museum of Education, University of Leicester

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