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Aqua yoga online eCourse Content

Week #1 – Get started immediately with a 2 noodle class video sequence


Week #2 – Principles of aqua yoga presentation

aqua yoga online





Week #3 – Another sequence

Aqua Yoga class – 1 noodle audio sequence

Week #4 – Real Mail in your mailbox

My book, There’s no P in our OOL, Using yoga philosophy to transform your aqua yoga practice.

Laminated kickboard aqua yoga class sequence that you can use poolside.

aqua yoga online

aqua yoga online

Strength and balance - two simple words unless you don’t have them.  A broken ankle and hip took them from me.  After 5 surgeries, I still can’t walk normally and my left ankle has extreme pronation.  I started aqua yoga at the beginning of 2016 and in three months I have so much less pain.   You have made a beautiful difference in my life.


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Between weekly releases you get emails with tips on how to get the most out of the materials and more resources

Special Facebook group exclusive to the course – post questions and get to know other aqua yogis.  I’m live in the group twice per week to be able to answer questions and give live feedback.

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What you will gain from aqua yoga online:

The confidence to take your yoga practice into the pool whether you’ve previously taken an aqua yoga class or not.

The knowledge of how to keep your practice safe and appropriate for you.

The insight as to the physical, emotional, and energetic benefits of the practice.

The comfort level to move forward with continuing your practice on your own.

Wherever you are on the aqua yoga spectrum, this course will move you to comfortable, confident, and content.

Who this course is for:aqua yoga online

You’ve never done yoga before and heard it helps with pain.

You’ve done land yoga but struggled in class, whether it was the pace, all the hand and knee involvement, or getting on and off the floor.

You’re an experienced land yogi but unclear on how to adapt your practice to the pool.

You’re an experienced water aerobics person but looking to bring more mindfulness to your aquatic movement.

You do aqua yoga but are feeling like you’re in a rut and looking for some fresh perspectives and new ideas.



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