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Yoga Sutra Journaling III.10 Tranquility

My sutra for classes this month is III.10 “The restraint of rising impressions brings about an undisturbed flow of tranquility.”  We’ve talked a lot about not responding to, or slowing down the internal negative thought stream we all face.  I worked up a journaling sheet for organizing my thoughts on it.


Sutra Journaling III.10 Tranquility



When I sat down to work on this my kids were really interested in what I was doing and each ended up doing one of their own also.   We had a great conversation about controlling your thoughts while playing sports to stay focused on your goals.  










What I used for this project:

If you’d like a blank copy to color and journal one yourself you can find one here.  

If you have any sutra requests leave a comment.


*This post contains Amazon affiliate links. If you purchase any of these materials through this link I get a tiny commission that I use to support my yoga book habit.  The cost to you is the same either way.  Thanks for your consideration.

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