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Bee Content Yoga was featured as a Top Migraine and Chronic Pain Relief Blogger.  Big round of applause…

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Issues with Essential Oils

  Sometimes I feel like the only yoga teacher on the planet who doesn’t sell essential oils.  It feels like there was some mandatory association started somewhere and I missed the membership application.   In reality though, I choose to not associate myself with essential oils because of the populations I work with and the… Continue Reading

Yoga Poses for Lupus Flares

Yoga Poses for Lupus Flares – Restorative chest openers The team that conducted the original Yoga for Arthritis research protocol has been working on a similar study for minority populations.  That study is winding down and they are looking to develop a study focusing on yoga for lupus.  In talking to them recently about the… Continue Reading

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Please consider joining me on Thursday, August 24th at 7 p.m. EST for an informational phone conference to learn about my Yoga Therapy Pilot for Lupus. I have attached a flyer regarding the program and the phone conference. You can ask questions and I will explain more about the study. Please visit my Facebook page if you are interested. ...

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