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The end of every  year is a chance to reflect.  What worked for you this past year, or maybe what didn’t.  That reflection isn’t for beating ourselves up on what we didn’t do, but an opportunity to set an intention for ourselves for the year coming up.  Yoga philosophy is timeless and can be a tool both in pondering the past, and charting new territory for the future.


I did a series of internet memes of the yamas and niyamas this fall.  I’m collecting them here all in one place so you can see them in order.  Use them to reflect on 2017 and maybe try something new moving forward.

These are my definitions of the yamas and niyamas.  I encourage you to read the yoga sutras and establish your own definitions to serve you in your practice.



Ahimsa - Be kind to yourself and others


Satya - Be truthful


Asteya - Be generous


Brahmacharya - Use your energy wisely


Aparigraha - Be grateful






Saucha - Take care of yourself


Santosha - Be content


Tapas - Do your best


Svadhyaya - Learn about yourself


Ishvara Pranidhana - Trust your inner guidance


If you want ideas on how to put these principles into practice, read my new book There’s no P in our OOL, Using yoga philosophy to transform your aqua yoga practice.  It covers how to apply the yamas and niyams in your life, in your yoga practice, and includes a complete sequence to support you in your journey to be a more comfortable, confident and content aqua yoga mermaid.  Available in my store HERE.


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