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Soothing Facial for Counteracting Sjogrens


I had a cold last week and something about having to produce a lot of snot really bothered my Sjogrens.  My eyes felt covered in sandpaper and my skin felt like I’d been out in the windswept desert all day.  Not owning a hot tub, I was looking for some relief so I turned to this soothing facial steam mask I’ve used in the past just for fun.  It really helped.  Next time you’ve got a cold and need some relief or you’re skin’s acting up, it’s a great choice.



2 Tbl. black tea

2 Tbl. dried rose petals

2 Tbl. dried lavender

2 Tbl. dried chamomile

Directions:  Place all the above ingredients in a large heat proof bowl.  Pour in 1 kettle of boiling water.  Cover with a towel to let steep for 2 minutes.  After the two minutes, make a tent over the back of your head with the towel and position your face a comfortable distance over the steaming bowl.  Stay as long as you like.  Rinse your face with cold water when you’re done.  Pat your face dry and use your favorite moisturizer.  Cures what ails your skin and the aromatherapy is a yummy side perk.



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