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Yogi Mother’s Day



A happy yogi Mother’s Day to all the mamas!  This is a picture of my grandmother holding my mom.  My grandmother passed some years ago and I miss her of course.  I think she was my biggest fan.  Last time I painted my house I was struggling with what colors I should use.  I settled on red and turquoise because they reminded me of her.

She was from New Mexico and had fond memories of visiting the reservations and seeing the Native American women dressed in their bright colors and turquoise and carnelian jewelry.  She had several pieces of Native American jewelry that she loved to wear since they reminded her of home.  I inherited those and get to wear them now.  

When it came to colors for my business I couldn’t think of anything else, red and turquoise because they remind me of her and make me happy.  I wish all you yogis a happy Mother’s Day whether you are a mama or get to enjoy some time with one!  Namaste!

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