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Issues with Essential Oils


Sometimes I feel like the only yoga teacher on the planet who doesn’t sell essential oils.  It feels like there was some mandatory association started somewhere and I missed the membership application.


In reality though, I choose to not associate myself with essential oils because of the populations I work with and the potential issues essential oils add to the mix.  I work with many people with health conditions.  I do my due diligence and ask people at the start of class if they have any health conditions I should know about it.  I think everyone is interested in keeping themselves healthy and answers honestly if occasionally not always completely.  But who would think to say in an ‘exercise’ class like yoga you would need to declare if you have allergies?  I’ve never had anyone open up about their asthma before class started, but again that can be impacted by essential oils.  I have family members who struggle with both those issues so I was aware of them before I started yoga training.  Have you ever gone into one of those candle shops with someone with asthma?


Also people with auto immune issues can react in ‘unusual’ ways to things.  I’ve experienced this personally and professionally.   I think I’m the only person around who gets a migraine from lavender.  Except that many people with a history of migraines or complex health issues will react in unpredictable ways to oils.   If you’ve got multiple health issues you don’t your yoga class or private session to be another place where you have to worry about your health.


Keeping all that in mind I only use essential oils during private sessions as aromatherapy.  In a private session I can ask directly if they have any history of problems with that particular oil and their personal preferences.  If there are any problems, I’m right there to immediately remove the offending scent and I still never use any oils topically to avoid potential reactions.  I understand they can provide ambience and can be pleasant but I want to avoid any unnecessary complications.


It’s these complicated issues with essential oils that keep me from selling them.  It’s complicated, there’s a lot to know about each oil, it’s medicinal properties, contraindications, etc.  I would rather focus on the yoga.  I can keep you safe and make sure you have a fun, meaningful experience without the pretty smells that might send someone into health crisis in uneducated hands like mine.

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