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Chronic Charity T-shirts into DIY Yoga Tank Tops

How to take that standard, boring, too big, man cut t-shirt you received at your last charity walk and turn it into a DIY yoga tank top hack.


You know the shirts I’m talking about.  You don’t participate in the event for the shirt, so you wear the shirt to show your support, but then what do you do with it?
This is me and my kids at last year’s Lupus Foundation of FL’s Life Without Lupus walk…in the t-shirt of course.  This year I was invited back to do warm up stretches for the walkers before the walk.  Those standard shirts aren’t that comfortable for yoga so I turned it into a tank top I can wear instead.  It took 5 minutes and all you need is a pair of scissors.















First lay out the shirt nice and flat.

Then cut out the arm holes.

Then cut out the neckline.  I like to leave the neck higher in back then in the front.

Flip the shirt over and cut a slit up the center of the shirt so you’ll be able to tie the wings behind your back.  

Voila - Now you’re ready for yoga in your DIY yoga tank tops.


Life Without Lupus Walk 2016


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