There's no P in our OOL - Digital Download


There's no P in our OOL - Digital Download 00007

This clear, concise book walks you through the philosophy of the yoga yamas and niyamas and how you can apply them to your life and aqua yoga practice. It includes journaling, application tips and a complete aqua yoga sequence. 46 pages. Illustrated.

"If the pool was a metaphor for your environment, what kind of environment do you want to swim in? Do you want to surround yourself with pure clean water that represents pure thoughts and actions, or an environment that’s polluted, toxic, and unfriendly. Remember the sign people post outside their pools, Welcome to our ool. Notice there’s no ‘P’ Let’s keep it that way. This book is all about how to keep that ‘P’ out of your pool so you are using all the tools of yoga to discover and be your best self."

This is a PDF digital download for $9.99

"Thank you so much for delivering the book and laminates!! I spent the better part of last evening, reading, and thoroughly enjoying. It's a wonderful insight into living. Y
You've made it all so readable. I've tried reading other texts (Iyengar, etc.) and lose interest in short order. You've done an outstanding job of making it understandable and interesting. I'm so grateful. Thank you so much!!!! - Cheri, Aqua Yoga Student

"I started reading your book and love the format, the images, and information shared."

-Lauren, Kindergarten Teacher

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There's no P in our OOL - Digital Download There's no P in our OOL - Digital Download

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