Friday Resource Roundup

resource roundup

I thought I’d try something a little different this month and do a weekly resource roundup. I curate a lot of content every week and this is a recap of the best.

Happy reading!

Resource Roundup Week #1

How to distinguish the appropriate water workout for yourself.

4 water workouts for health


One patient’s research and observations on float therapy for Fibromyalgia.

Float therapy for Fibrolmyalgia


This is worth a roadtrip – some secluded hot springs deep in the forest. If you know of somewhere, let me know.

Forest bathing is good for your health


This seems pretty intuitive since less weight equals less load

Losing weight improves knee osteoarthritis


Alternatives/additions to traditional therapies for optimal mental health.

Mindful mental health


As a lifetime insomniac, I need all the tips I can get. Share this one with someone who can’t turn off that busy mind at night.

Research shows meditation is effective for insomnia


All things music and sound are really outside my skillset but I’m fascinated by the effects they have on us.

Sound healing to prevent burnout


This is a great article to help you pick a meditation style for yourself.

What Kind of Meditation is Best for You


And if you want to read a little more about my health journey and why I teach yoga.

My guest post on the Young, Sick and Invisible blog.


Roundup Resources Week #2


Resources to help you with your practice this week:

Does an aquatics class, like aqua yoga help you lose weight?As you’d expect, if you eat better too. 


Is your self-care regime causing you anxiety?

When did self care become so much work?


Is better body awareness always better?

A Good Thing To Know About The Ability To Sense Your Body


Tips for slowing things down and getting more out of your life.

21 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Your Life More


What are the physical benefits of a meditation practice?

It does make most things better


Podcast on pelvic floor health with considerations for bigger bodies.

Body Positive Yoga – Pelvic Floor Health


Great article on how to be critical reader of yoga research (or any clinical trial really)

Clinical Trial Critique 101

My latest blog post in my neuroplasticity series Neuroplasticity from Aqua Yoga.


I’ve been struggling with my pain levels this week so I’ve been using music as a stalwart. No matter how bad it gets, YOU are part of something beautiful!

Alexi Murdoch’s – Something beautiful

Have a beautiful week everyone!



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resource roundup

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